Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Live Session

We just had our first cck11 live session on Ellunimate.
It was great! I've felt a bit overwhelmed for the last two or three days. Setting up this blog, subscribing to Twitter, reading the blogs of my fellow students, joining Diigo, trying everything on my IPad (not everything works), reading course material, surfing the web for "connectivism" and then the feeling - oh god I have to be more creative, I've actually got to produce stuff - it's all a bit much...
But - that is my own fault or maybe better my own choice... It's up to me, what I do or don't do - the thing is, I have to get organized somehow and yes I know, confusion is an integral part of learning.
I loved the live session, because you could hear Stephen and George while chatting with the other participants in the back channel. Made everything a bit more personal - and now there is also a Facebook group and a Diigo group - so the connections are sprouting all over the place. Which means increased knowledge and better learning according to connectivism...

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